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It is written in the book Masâbih that Anas bin Mâlik ‘radiy-Allâhu anh’ said, “I served Rasûlullah for ten years. He never uttered “Ugh!” towards me. He never asked me why I had done this or why I hadn’t done that. ” Again in Masâbih Anas bin Mâlik said, “Rasûlullah was the most beautiful-natured of human beings. One day, he told me to go to some place. I said, ‘By Allah, I won’t’. But I did. I went out to do his command. Children were playing in the street. As I passed them, I looked round. Rasûlullah was coming behind me. His blessed face was pleasant. He said, ‘O Anas! Did you go to the place I told you?’ I said, ‘Yes, O Rasûlullah, I am going there. ’”

Abû Hurayra ‘radiy-Allâhu anh’ said, “During a holy war, we asked him to pray so that the disbelievers would be annihilated. He said, "I was not sent to curse people so that they will be tormented. I was sent to do favours for everybody so that people will attain ease." Allahu ta’âlâ declares in the hundred and seventh âyat of the Sûrat-ul-Anbiyâ, “We sent thee as a mercy, as a blessing for beings. ”

Abû Saîd-i Khudrî ‘radiy-Allâhu anh’ said, “Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam’ was more bashful than Muslim virgin girls.”