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1– We must believe in the ghayb. [Having îmân in the ghayb is to confirm, that is, to accept and to approvingly believe in the religion which Rasûlullah communicated as the Prophet without consulting mind, experience, and philosophy to see whether it is in accordance with them.]

2– We must believe that only Allahu ta’âlâ and those who are informed by Him know the ghayb.

3– We must believe, that is, accept, a harâm to be harâm.

4– We must believe, that is, accept, a halâl to be halâl.

5– We must be very fearful of the Wrath of Allahu ta’âlâ and must not feel secure from His torment.

6– We must not despair of His Mercy.

— In case one denies that one has committed something that causes apostasy, this means tawba (repentance). If a murtadd (one who reneges from Islam) dies without making tawba (repenting), he will be tormented in Hell eternally. Therefore, we must be very fearful of disbelief and speak little. In a hadîth-i sherîf, it is commanded: (Always say that which is auspicious, tell beneficial things. Or keep silent!). We must be serious, not making jokes. We must not do things incompatible with reason and wisdom. We must frequently pray to Allahu ta'âlâ beseeching that He protect us from disbelief.