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Rasûlullah’s inheritor, Mujaddid elf-i-thânî;

Mujtahid in knowledge, in Tasawwuf a Ways-al-Qarnî.


He spread Islam on earth, showered nûr on all Believers;

Great was Imâm Rabbânî in awakening the sleepers.


He knew Islam well, and he was always Islam-wise mannered;

He was like Abû Bakr when earth with heresy covered.


From his sohbat received fayz both commanders and governors;

By descent, as all fairly say, from ’Umar Fârûq he comes.


“To make tawba means to repent for your sin(s), to be resolved not to sin again, and to beg Allâhu ta’âlâ for forgiveness. Although there is not a prescribed manner of tawba, Islamic scholars recommend a certain prayer which, they say, will serve both as an invocation for forgiveness and as a protection against worldly disasters and misfortunes. The prayer is: “Estaghfirullah al-’azîm al-lazî lâ ilâha il-lâ huwa-l-hayya-l-qayyûm wa atûbu ilayh.”