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Hadrat Imâm-i Rabbânî says in the 275th letter of the first volume of his Maktûbât:

You have attained the present blessing as a result of your teaching Islamic knowledge and spreading the principles of fiqh. Nescience had been settled, and bid'ats rife, in those places, when Allâhu ta’âlâ blessed you with the love of His beloved ones. He made you a means for promulgating Islam. Then, do your best to teach religious knowledge and to spread the principles of fiqh. These two are the fountainhead of all sorts of happiness, the means of promotion and the cause of salvation. Strive very hard! Show yourself as a religious man! Perform amr-i-ma'rûf and nahy-i-munkar and guide the people who live there to the right way! The nineteenth âyat of Muzzammil sûra purports:"Verily this is an admonition: Therefore, whoso will, let him take a (straight) path to his Rabb (Allah)!" (73-19)

The slave will never suffer from his Hudâ;

Whatever everyone suffers is his own deserts!


Every blessing you offer is faithless, o world;

All ranks you give perish with the cold wind of death!


Nothing in life is so desirable as sovereignty

No sovereignt, yet, equals a breath that’s healthy!”