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We will also give some information about the kemâl (perfection) of man and his heart. Although the ’Arsh-i-mejîd is the widest and is possessed of complete zuhûr, it is unaware of this blessing it has been gifted with. It is unconscious of this perfection. Man’s heart, on the other hand, is conscious. It is aware of itself. The second blessing that the heart has been honoured with is that man in his entirety is the ’âlam-i-saghîr [minor creature]. It is made up of the ’âlam-i-khalq and the ’âlam-i-emr. These things have come together to make up a compound system, which bears quite a singular importance and prestige. This compound system does not exist in the ’âlam-i-kebîr, [i.e. all creation other than man.] If it ever exists in them, it is not genuine; it is in their outward appearance. The fayz (or faydh) and other useful things that come to man and to man’s heart via this unique system have very scarcely fallen to the lot of the ’âlam-i-kebîr or the ’Arsh, which is the heart of that ’âlam. The earthen substances existing in man’s construction are the building stones of the entire universe. Quite far as he is, most of the zuhûr takes place on him. Perfections of the earthen substances have spread all over the system of the ’âlam-i-saghîr, [i.e. man.] Because the ’âlam-i-kebîr does not have such a compound system, the perfections do not spread over that being. Then, the human heart possesses those perfections as well, whereas the ’Arsh does not possess them.