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His father’s name is Ismâ’îl Nablusî. He was born in Damascus in 1050, and passed away in the same place in 1143 [1730 A.D.]. He was a profound scholar and a mature Walî. He was a scholar in the Islamic sciences called Fiqh, Tafsîr and Hadîth. He was twenty years old when he started giving lectures. He came to Istanbul in 1075 (A.H.). He wrote a number of books. His two-volumed book entitled Hadîqat-un-nediyya is highly valuable. His book explaining that tobocco is not harâm, along with its translation, exists in Nûr-i-Osmâniyya library.


His father’s name is Seyfeddîn. He was one of the Islamic scholars in India. He was born in 958 [1551 A.D.], and passed away in 1052 [1642]. He is in Delhî. He wrote valuable books.

My heart bleeds with separation of friends,

Remembering them, marrow of my bones burns!