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A person who reads the book Confessions of a British Spy with attention will realize that Islam’s arch enemy is the British and will know very well that the Wahhâbî sect, whose votaries have been attacking the Sunnite Muslims all over the world, was founded and is being supported by the British. This book proves with documentaries that the Wahhâbî sect was founded by British unbelievers with a view to annihilating Islam. Those who read Wahhabite books and learn the inner, essential facts about them realize that these confessions are true. Wahhâbîs help demolish Islam.

No matter how hard the British may try, they will not be able to annihilate the Ahl as-sunna, who are true Muslims, but they themselves will perish, instead. For Allâhu ta’âlâ gives the good news through the eighty-first âyat of Isrâ sûra that the heretics that will appear will be beaten and annihilated by the people of the right way.