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Advice of Scholars - KINDS OF BID’AT

There are three kinds of bid’at:

  1. It is the worst bid’at to use —without any darûrat (compulsion)— those things which the Sharî’at says to be the signs of disbelief. On page 467 of al-Barîqa and 696 of Majmâ’ al-anhur, it is written that the ’ulamâ’ said, “It is permissible to use them to deceive (khud’a) the disbelievers in dâr al-harb. ”
  2. Those beliefs which disagree with what is communicated by the savants of the Ahl as-sunnat are also evil bid’ats.
  3. Those reforms made in the name of worship are bid’ats in worship and are grave sins. Some ’ulamâ’ divided the bid’ats in ’ibâdât or ’amal into the hasana and sayyia. Al-Imâm ar-Rabbânî ‘rahmatullâhi ’aleyh’ did not say ‘bid’ats’ about those bid’ats which scholars termed ‘hasana’. He called them ‘sunnat-i-hasana’. He said ‘bid’ats’ about those which they termed ‘bid’at-i-sayyia’, and he condemned such bid’ats. Wahhabis, on the other hand, say ‘sayyia’ about bid’ats termed ‘hasana’ and approved, and they call those who practice such bid’ats ‘disbelievers’, ‘polytheists’.