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“It is fard for every Muslim to learn the ’ibâdât section of Fiqh briefly. It is fard kifâya to learn munâkahât and mu’âmalât; in other words, those who have anything to do with them should learn them. After ’ilm at-tafsîr, ’ilm al-hadîth and ’ilm al-kalâm, the most honourable science is ’ilm al-fiqh. The following six hadîths will be enough to indicate the honour of Fiqh and the Faqîh ‘rahmatullâhi ta’âlâ alaihim ajma’în’:

‘If Allâhu ta’âlâ wants to do a favour to a slave of His, He makes a Faqîh of him.’

‘If a person becomes a Faqîh, Allâhu ta’âlâ sends what he wishes and his sustenance from unexpected sources.’

‘The person about whom Allâhu ta’âlâ says ‘most superior’ is a Faqîh in the religion.’

‘Against the Satan, a Faqîh is stonger than one thousand ’âbids (devout worshippers).’

‘Everything has a pillar to base itself upon. The basic pillar of the religion is the science of Fiqh.’

‘The best and most valuable ’ibâdat (act of worship) is to learn and teach Fiqh.’