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Advice of Scholars - DOES A LIAR DISPLAY A MU’JIZA ?

A mu’jiza’s denoting a Prophet’s truthfulness is not a belief resulting out of hearing, either. It is a natural indication. That is, when a mu’jiza is seen, Allâhu ta’âlâ creates in the person who sees it the knowledge that the person announcing his prophethood is telling the truth. Such is Allâhu ta’âlâ’s divine law. This is so because, though it is possible for a liar to display a mu’jiza, it has never happened. If the person announcing his prophethood causes a mountain to rise and says, “If you believe me, this mountain shall go back to its place. If you don’t believe me, it will fall on your heads,” and if they see that the mountain moves back towards its place when they want to believe and towards them when they think of not believing, it will be understood, through divine law, that he is telling the truth. Yes, it is possible - in view of the intellect - for such an absolute mu’jiza to happen from a liar, but it is not the divine law of Allâhu ta’âlâ. That is, it has never been seen.


Today, there are two kinds of disbelievers in the world. First there are disbelievers with a holy book (people of the book). They are Jews and Christians. They believe in Resurrection and in eternal life after death.

Second, there are disbelievers without a holy book, that is, mushriks who do not believe in one Allah, who makes everything. Some of these disbelievers, by using state oppression, cruelty and torture, prohibit worshipping, and the teaching of religion. And some of them, through words that provoke feelings of goodness and humanity, cause others to fall into debauchery. They also cause them to be deprived of moral and religious knowledge. Putting forth false stories and mendacious examples, they deceive millions of people. They train them as religiously ignorant people. In other words, on the one hand, they talk about civilization, science and human rights, and, on the other hand, they animalize human beings.