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There are no rights in the world more important than the rights of a mother. One should think about the fact that a mother carries a child nine months within her womb. She feeds her child with her blood. She delivers it with a great deal of pain and excitement. She remains sleepless for months on end while her child is still a baby. She feeds it with her milk. Later on, she tolerates its naughtiness at all ages. These hardships could not be borne in return for monetary payments and interest. These hardships could only be tolerated by mothers merely because Allâhu ta’âlâ has given them pity for their children. It is obvious that a child is highly indebted to his mother in return for these great difficulties. Usually, the child will not be able to find the time or possibility to pay for his mother’s rights. Any child who rebels against his mother will be no different from an ordinary rebel or robber. After growing up, will not the hurt and trouble caused by a rebellious child to its mother bring about Allâhu ta’âlâ’s wrath and punishment? Isn’t it a shame that many children because of being young, insensitive and inappreciative, neglect the rights of their mothers. They distress their mothers, and if their mothers, due to desperate conditions, invoke maledictions over them, their maledictions may be accepted. Then the child may be punished even in this world. The punishment in the next world will be unpredictably painful. A child who is a bit perceptive and understanding will address itself to his mother’s rights and to what she wants willingly. He will always maintain a good relationship with her. If a child hurts his mother’s feelings, he must immediately seek forgiveness and not offend her again. If he hurts her two or three times, he should repeatedly seek forgiveness and make serious efforts not to offend her. There will be a very painful ending for those who go to the next world with the rights of their mothers on them.