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One day we will realize the truth and our life will come to an end. This is a terrifying fact. In light of this truth, what does life really mean? A person does not deserve to be a human if he does not think about what death means. Therefore, the primary purpose of being human is to learn and know what life means, why we exist on the earth, and what exists beyond death. Could there be anyone who knows why we have been sent to this earth better than the master of life? Like all existence, our lives belong to Allâhu ta’âlâ. Jenâb-i Haqq states in the Qur’ân al-kerîm: “I created human beings only to make them aware of My Supremacy and to have them worship Me.” Let’s try to imagine what percentage of human beings today know this fact and practise it. We certainly know that most of them do not know this fact and the ones who know simply underestimate or ignore this reality. And this brings us to the starting point of ruination. It is the greatest catastrophe, disaster and misfortune (particularly for a Muslim) not to know this fact or not to act in accordance with it despite knowing and furthermore to know but not believe in it. This is so because Jenâb-i Haqq informs us by means of His Holy Book that He will certainly throw into the Hell-fire, eternally, those who don’t believe in His commandments, and the ones who believe but don’t practise will be sent to Hell as long as He wills. He, unlike human beings, does not lie. He will certainly punish the ones who don’t consider His commandments important. His penalty is quite severe. It will be a great pity for the ones who don’t protect themselves from His punishment. Could it be the business of a rational man to barter the endless life of the Hereafter for this short-termed worldly existence?