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All people, men and women alike, have to observe the commandments of Allâhu ta’âlâ, which are called farz, and His prohibitions [harâms] in everything they do. If a person treats the performance of a commandment or the avoidance of a prohibition with contempt, he will lose his îmân, and become an unbeliever. A person who dies as an unbeliever will be subjected to torment in grave. In the Hereafter he will go to Hell and burn there eternally. It will be impossible for him to attain forgiveness or to go out of Hell. It is very easy to become an unbeliever. There is every likelihood that anything a person does or says may cause him to become an unbeliever. Equally easy is to be saved from unbelief. Without it being conditional on a person’s knowing the reason for his having become an unbeliever he will definitely be forgiven and be safe against going to Hell if he makes istighfâr only once daily, e.g. if he says, “Estaghfirullah,” which means, “Yâ Rabbî! If, knowingly or unknowingly, I have said or done something that causes unbelief, I repent for it; so please do forgive me.” You should make sure that you will make tawba and istighfâr daily so that you be safe against burning eternally in Hell. No other act of worship can be more important than making this tawba. When making tawba for sins wherein others’ rights are involved, you will also have to return those rights to the wronged people; and when making tawba for omitted prayers of farz namâz, it is essential that you make qadâ of those prayers that are farz.

Man is human, ever prone to making mistakes, in threes and fives.
Trips and falls down as he promenades on smooth and flat prairie drives.

The Sun is in Leo Constellation

Today, July 22nd. The Sun enters in Leo Constellation (Esed) and the second month of summer season begins. The Sun will be in this Constellation for 31 days and will be in Virgo on 22 August.