This letter was written to Sayyid Mir Muhibbullah Manqpûrî. It encourages one to obey the owner of this brilliant Sharî'at and to love one's master from whom one has learned one's dîn:

Bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm. My Brother Sayyid Mîr Muhibullah's honourable letter has arrived here. Your writing, which begins by saying that you are hopeless because of hardships, has been understood. It is disbelief to give up hope of Allâhu ta'âlâ. Be hopeful. If two things exist in you, do not worry! The first one is to obey the Owner of this brilliant Sharî'at 'sallallâhu alaihi wa sallam', and the second one is to believe in the greatness of the exalted person from whom you have learned the dîn and to love him. Trust yourself to Allâhu ta'âlâ and entreat Him so that there will not be slackness in these two blessings. When these two exist, it is easy to correct the other things. As I wrote to you before, if you feel uncomfortable in Manqpûr go to the place called Ilâh-âbâd and settle there. It is expected that the place will be found blessed. You understood the other way round. Even the word "blessed" did not help you understand our purpose. And now I say so again. Tonight it came to my heart that your belongings were sort of taken from Manqpûr to Ilâh-âbâd.

Go there and settle at a remote place and illuminate the place with the dhikr of Allâhu ta'âlâ! Do not be friends with anybody! Perform the dhikr of nafy and ithbât very much! When repeating that beautiful word, expel all your wishes and thoughts fromyour heart! Let your purpose, your beloved, and your wish not be more than one! If you cannot perform the dhikr with your heart do it with your tongue! But you should do it silently. For, it is prohibited in this path to do the dhikr aloud. You know the other things to be done on this path. Do your best to follow them! It makes one attain many things to follow the teaching master. It is so dangerous to deviate from his path. What more should I write? Salâm to those who are on the right way and who obey Hadrat Muhammad Mustafâ 'alaihi wa alâ Âlihi wa as'hâbihissalawâtu wattaslîmâtu atammuhâ wa akmaluhâ'!