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Our Prophet (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) declared: “Every child comes to the world with a pure soul suitable for becoming a Muslim. Later their parents make them irreligious.” This implies that it is necessary to teach Islam to children. Their pure souls are suitable for Islam. A child who has not learned Islam will misunderstand Islam by falling for the lies and slanders of the enemies of religion. He will think that it is retrogressive or vicious. If a person who is religiously unlearned and who has never received any religious instruction or notion of Islam falls into the traps of the enemies of Islam, he will learn quite a different, altogether contrary system instead of Islam. He will fall victim to the poisonous inoculations and shamelessly fabled writings directed to him. He will not find peace in this world. And he will be drifted towards endless calamities and tortures in the next world.

Every Muslim, even every person, must know how low, how base the slanders which are fabled by the enemies of Islam in order to deceive the youth are. And in order not to drift into perdition by believing these lies, we should comprehend the sublimity of Islam, realize that it supports knowledge, science, morals and health, and that it commands working, advancement, cooperation and mutual love. A wise, vigilant and cultured person, who has understood Islam correctly and well, will not believe in the lies of the enemies of Islam. Seeing that they are religiously ignorant, uneducated, deceived and wretched people, he will pity them. He will wish that they could get rid of that disastrous state and come round to the right course.