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1– The Sunnî Muslim will be a regular mosque-goer to join the jamâ’at (for the daily five namâzes).

2– He will join the jamâ’at and perform namâz behind an imâm [whose belief and fisq (sinfulness) are not so bad as to make him an unbeliever].

3– He will accept the permissiblity of making masah on the mests, (which is explained in detail in the third chapter of the fourth fascicle of Endless Bliss.)

4– He will not vilify any of the Ashâb-i-kirâm ‘radiy-Allâhu ta’âlâ ‘anhum ajma’în’.

5– He will not revolt against the state.

6– He will not struggle or quarrel unjustly over religious matters.

7– He will not entertain religious doubts.

8– He will know that everything, good or evil alike, is from Allâhu ta’âlâ.

9– He will not accuse any Muslim among the people of Qibla with disbelief [unless their ilhâd is certainly known].

10– He will give preference to the (earliest) four Khalîfas, (i.e. Hadrat Abû Bakr and Hadrat ’Umar and Hadrat ’Uthmân and Hadrat ’Alî,) over the other Sahâbîs.