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The Sun is in Scorpio

Today, October 23rd. The Sun enters in Scorpio and the second month of fall season begins. The Sun will be in Scorpio for 30 days and will be in Sagittarius on 22nd November.


The book given to Hempher, a British missionary who was assigned the task of serving Christianity and telling how to demolish Islam, recommended to vitiate Muslims’ staunch spots and to expose their weaknesses, and it prescribed the methods for accomplishing this. The following are some of the steps for exposing their vulnerable spots advised by it:

- Establish controversies by inducing animosity among disputing groups, inoculating mistrust, and by publishing literature to further incite controversies.

- Popularize all sorts of interest. For interest not only ruins national economy, but also accustoms Muslims to disobeying the Koranic rules. Once a person has violated one article of law, it will be easy for him to violate the other articles, too.

- Spread false charges of atrocity against scholars, cast sordid aspersions against them and thus alienate Muslims from them. We shall disguise some of our spies as them. Then we shall have them commit squalid deeds. Thus they will be confused with scholars and every scholar will be looked upon with suspicion.